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Levels of & Prices for our Digital Restoration, Compositing, and Colorization Services

Level 1:

Basic Restoration



  • One or two small tears
  • Minor wrinkles
  • Moderate scratching
  • Minor restoration of facial features lost due to small spots, fading or scratching
  • Minor rebuilding of a non-critical part of the scene or background 
  • General, uniform yellowing
  • Overall uniform fading
  • Small or thin cracks 
  • Minor staining or spots
  • Minor contrast or brightness changes
  • Restoring overall tones and colors uniformly
  • Light mold damage
Level 2:

Mid-Level Restoration


  • Several tears or a large tear across main parts of the picture
  • Wrinkles across main subject or complex scene or background areas
  • Restoration of lost detail in shadows
  • Restoration of tones and color that have changed differently in different areas
  • Removal of spots, dirt, and/or specks in critical parts of image
  • Non-uniform yellowing or severe yellowing
  • Uneven fading in multiple areas 
  • Significant staining or spots
  • Moderate reconstruction of facial features
  • Reconstruction of important parts of scene or background
  • Minor band removal
  • Moderate mold damage
  • Significant scratching or cracking
Level 3:



  • Major scratching, but image still remains
  • Heavily damaged main area or subject of photo
  • Major reconstruction of background and/or facial features
  • Extensive, non-uniform fading throughout the image
  • Moderate density or color band removal
  • Heavy mold damage
  • Compositing needed in multiple areas of the image
Level 4:
Major Reconstruction, Compositing, and/or
(Priced individually)
  • Extensively damaged or deteriorated images requiring the recreation of picture elements, major reconstruction of faces and/or background elements, compositing, etc.
  • Digital Compositing of multiple images
  • Digital Colorization of B&W, sepia, or severely faded color images

The final quote will depend upon the complexity of the restorations required, the size of the original image, and the time needed to complete an individual project. When there are several elements from one level of service that need to be accomplished it may move the project into a higher level of restoration.

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