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contact First please contact us and briefly tell us about your original images and what you will want done to them. If you wish, at this time you can also send us your images over the internet if you already have them available as digital files in either .tiff or high resolution (i.e., low compression) .jpeg format. (See "Send Images" below.) Also feel free to ask us about any special services that you would like to have applied to them.

If you do not already have digital files available of your images, see Step 2 ("Scanning") immediately below.

The higher the resolution of your original digital image files, the better the restorations we can create for you will be. For that reason your pictures should be scanned at a minimum of 150 dpi. For best results, all your pictures -- including those in black and white -- should also be scanned and saved as color files (either RGB or CMYK) because this provides much more detailed digital information for us to work with as we restore your images than do "greyscale" scans. Virtually any home or office scanner can do the job, or you can get them commercially scanned to CD-ROM at most local walk in copy centers (such as Kinko's, Staples, etc) which can provide this service quickly and inexpensively.

If you do not have access to a scanner, or are otherwise not able to get and provide us with digital files of your original images either over the internet or mailed to us burned on a CD-ROM, you can instead always physically send us your original photographs which we can scan for you. You should keep in mind that physically sending us your original photographs will necessarily increase both the time and expense to complete your project, however, and also subjects your originals to potential damage or loss in shipping. For that reason we strongly suggest that if at all possible you supply your images to us as digital files. 

(We will give you detailed instructions as to how and where to physically send us your pictures, if necessary, when you contact us.)
send images
As noted above, by far the fastest and safest way to send us your images is directly over the internet which can be done very easily via your browser

And it's as easy as 1-2-3...

First click the "Uploads" button at the top of any page on this site to reach our image upload page. Once there, click on the "Browse..." buttons to select each image file from your hard drive that you want to send, and then click on "Submit" to upload your pictures. That's all there is to it!

As soon as we have received your images, our digital restoration artists will carefully evaluate your pictures and promptly let you know exactly what it will cost to restore, composite, and/or colorize each one. We will also advise you how long we expect it to take our restoration artists to complete your project, the total price to restore each image, and how to make payment for our services. Upon receipt of your authorization to go ahead, we will then begin work on your images.

Each of your images will now be carefully and lovingly transformed -- pixel by pixel if necessary -- until it has been restored to as close as possible to its original glory.  After our artists have completed their work, your restored images will returned in one or more different ways -- as photographic prints (see below), as high resolution digital files (.TIFF and/or .JPEG) made available on the internet to be downloaded, and/or mailed to you burned on a CD-ROM.

prints In addition to the digital files you will automatically receive of your restored images on a CD-ROM, we can also supply you with high quality matte or glossy finish prints and enlargements made using Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper. Unlike with "ink-jet" printing, this process is similar to traditional film printing in that your digital images will be transferred to actual photographic paper which is then chemically processed. With normal care, these prints will last many decades without any noticeable fading occuring.

PayPal (WI)
When you give us the go ahead to do the project (and tell us the number and sizes of any photographic prints you may want), you will be emailed an electronic invoice from "Cooper-Clement Associates" (our parent company) which you can pay online easily and securely via PayPal. Even if you are not already one of PayPal's over Seventy Million worldwide account holders (registration is free), you can still make your payment through PayPal without registering using any major credit card. (Click on the PayPal logo on the left for more information.) PayPal will make no additional charge to you for using their service to make payments to us.

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