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The Magic of Digital Image Restoration
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1869 Anthony Photography Logo...Over time, few of our most treasured personal possessions are more vulnerable to serious deterioration -- or even permanent loss-- than those priceless family photographs which so often serve us as key repositories of our family history and cherished personal memories. Through the magical arts of professional Digital Image Restoration, however, never again do you need to be concerned about the potential loss of these most precious, often unique photographs! Now even the most severely deteriorated, discolored, faded, stained, torn, spotted, mildewed, scratched, or otherwise damaged of these often irreplaceable images can not only be rescued from destruction and brought back to life, but many will actually end up looking even better than they did when they were first created many years, decades, or even more than a century ago!
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   DigitalImageServices.com has many years of experience in the art of high quality digital image restoration, reconstruction, compositing, and colorization. As the long time official photographic and digital image artists and restorers to the award winning Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum (CPRR.org), an internationally acclaimed 5,000+ webpage online museum which tells the story of the nation's First Transcontinental Railroad, we have digtally restored literally thousands of rare and historic Nineteenth Century photographs, engravings, maps, and a variety of other types of images for both the Museum and our other private clients. In addition, our experienced digital imaging artists have also created hundreds of original composited graphics and illustrations which have been used, along with the photographs, in the Museum's online exhibit pages and also published in books, magazines, brochures, documentary films, television, and other media.

Restoration & Compositing...
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Our Services & Sample Images...

restoration_wi.jpg Digital restoration and reconstruction of damaged and/or deteriorated photographs and other types of images is what we do best! We offer a full range of services designed to restore your precious photographic images to as near to their original condition as possible -- and often to even better than they originally looked when first created many years, decades, or even more than a century ago! Among the problems caused by age and/or abuse that we can can correct are scratches, tears, yellowing, fading, poor contrast, discoloration, spotting, staining, mildew and water damage, cracks, insect damage and virtually anything else that can cause damage to your pictures. After we see your pictures, we will let you know exactly what it will take to fix each one before we begin work. 


We provide two types of digital compositing services. One is the modification of existing photographs or other images by moving, adding, or removing people or other picture elements, changing backgrounds, or other digital manipulation (including restoration and reconstruction) to create a new composited image or photograph. The other is the creation of original new images such as graphics, illustrations, montages, and collages made from one or more pre-existing and/or newly created images. Prices for our compositing services are determined individually after determining exactly what you want done.


We can digitally colorize your existing black and white, sepia, or other monochrome images, restore the colors in faded or discolored images, and selectively modify the hues in existing color images such by as changing the colors of clothes, furniture, backgrounds, or any other picture elements. Prices for these services are determined individually depending on the size, complexity of coloration, condition, and additional necessary restoration (if any) of the your original image.


In addition to the digital files you will automatically receive of your restored images on a CD-ROM, we can also supply you with high quality matte or glossy finish prints and enlargements made using Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper. Unlike with "ink-jet" printing, this process is similar to traditional film printing in that your digital images will be transferred to actual photographic paper which is then chemically processed. With normal care, these prints will last many decades without any noticeable fading occuring.



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