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High Quality Photographic Prints & Enlargements,
& "Giclée" Ink-Jet Large Format "Poster" Prints
of your Digitally Restored Images

In addition to digital files of your restored images, we can also supply you with high quality matte or glossy finish prints and enlargements (in sizes up to 10" x 15") made using Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper. (This process is like traditional printing made from physical film negatives in that your digital images will be transferred to chemically developed  photographic paper which, with normal care, will last many decades without any noticeable fading.) Larger "poster" prints (up to 18" x 24") are also available made using the "Giclée" process.

Hi Resolution Photographic & Large Format "Giclée" (Poster) Print Prices

(B&W and Color)

Photographic Prints
4" x 6" $ 0.69
5" x 7" $ 0.99
8" x 10" $ 4.49
10" x 13" $ 6.49
10" x 15" $ 6.99
"Giclée" (Ink Jet) Poster Prints
12"x 16"
$ 9.95
$ 12.95
$ 14.95
$ 18.95
(Shipping for Posters - $ 3.95 per 10 posters)

Giclée (pronounced 'Jee-CLAY'.) - From the French verb "gicler" meaning to squirt or spray, "giclée" printing is a high resolution ink-jet process first perfected in the early 1990's for making larger format (i.e. "poster" size) prints of digital image files. The term "giclée" originally applied to "Iris" prints created on the Scitex Corporation using the "Iris Model Four" color drum piezo-head inkjet proofer, a specialized commercial printing machine designed to create printer's proofs to show what the final multi-color process printing will look like before mass production would begin.

Giclée prints are high-resolution, large-format "ink-jet" (as opposed to photographic) matte finish images on high quality archival paper made using up to twelve diferent color fade-resistant dye or pigment based inks. Because of its high quality and relatively low cost, many artists and professional photographers now use the giclée process as an alternative to lithography for limited editions or reproductions of their artwork.

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