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To upload your images to us for restoration please first enter your name and email address to identify whose images these are and then simply click on the "Browse..." buttons below to find and select each individual image file from your hard drive. The file types we accept are: .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .gif, and .bmp. (To be sucessfully uploaded, each file name must end in one of those suffixes.) After you have selected up to six images, simply click the "Submit" button and the upload process will begin.



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PLEASE NOTE: While your image files are being transfered this page will remain displayed on your computer screen until all all the files have been successfully uploaded. This could take some time -- especially if you are uploading large files and/or your internet connection is slow -- so please be patient. You will see a "SUCCESS!" page when the upload is complete.

If you wish to send us more than six images, click on the "Return to Image Upload Page" link on the confirmation page to continue the upload process. Otherwise click on either the "Contact Us" link or "Home Page" link.

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